Study abroad guide for parents
Study Abroad Guide For Parents
June 24, 2020
What are study abroad intakes?
What are study abroad intakes?
June 24, 2020

Choose where to study abroad

Choose Where to study Abroad

What is the scope of your selected course in your desired destination?

Understand the industries that are open for you to explore employment opportunities once you’ve completed your program. Take into account the countries that have maximum avenues for students undertaking your chosen course. Check how strong is the destination in your industry base and if any level of industrial training is available.

For instance, if you wish to make it big in civil engineering, New Zealand is one of the best destinations for you. With the current expansion of construction projects across the country, there is a growing demand for civil engineers with handsome perks here. Ireland is great for students in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry and Australia is the country to be if you are seeking research opportunities. 

Does the educational structure of the destination suit you?

Different destinations have different educational structures, which may or may not be in sync with your thought process. Check for the teaching pedagogy followed in the classrooms. For instance, a lot of universities add weight to practical training over theoretical concepts. Do you think such an approach would work for you? Would you be comfortable working on research papers and assignments every week?

Do you fulfill the entry requirements?

Always look for the entry requirements for the programs available in your desired destination. Does it offer a program at the level you wish to take entry in? Is it a diploma program or a degree? Understand your preference and select accordingly. For instance, several colleges in Canada offer a postgraduate diploma instead of a master’s degree. Similarly, the UK offers two kinds of master’s – taught and research.

Also, check for the academic scores required. Do you fulfill the same? Would you be required to take an additional test apart from the English proficiency test? Do think you’d be able to extract time from your schedule to prepare for additional tests such as GMAT, GRE, or SAT?

How much will it cost to study in your desired destination?

It is essential to consider the overall expense involved in studying at a particular destination. When calculating your costs, don’t forget to consider ancillary expenses such as accommodation, utilities, transportation, etc. Consider the duration of your course as that’ll majorly affect your overall cost of studying abroad. For instance, master’s in the UK and Ireland are offered for just one year whereas master’s in other countries like Canada and Australia can take up to two years.

Find out if there are any scholarships available to study in the desired destination at both government and institute levels. If you can land one, it can help bring down the cost of your studies considerably. Check if you’ll also be able to work part-time while studying so you can manage your daily expenses easily and also gain some professional experience.  

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