• Canada Is a Wonderful Place to Live. The United Nations has regularly ranked Canada in the top 10 countries in the world in its Quality of Life Index.
  • Canada has world class education system, also ranked #1 by the OECD for higher education achievement.
  • Canada has one of the world's most stable economies.
  • Canada has a tolerant and safe culture, and provide a home to many immigrant communities.
  • Canada is officially bilingual (English and French), and across the country, more than 200 languages are spoken.

    Occupying the northern half of the North American continent, Canada’s land mass is 9,093,507 square kilometres, making it the second largest country in the world after Russia. Canada has a third seacoast on the Arctic Ocean, giving it the longest coastline of any country.

    Among Canada’s most distinctive features are the vast mountain ranges. There are more than two million lakes in Canada covering about 7.6 percent of the country. There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada spanning a few geographic regions.

    Atlantic Canada: This region includes the provinces of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia.

    Central Canada: Quebec and Ontario are the provinces of Central Canada, and the large cities of Toronto, Ottawa (Canada’s capital city), Montreal, and Quebec City are found in this region.

    The Prairies: In the prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba one can find some of the most extraordinary natural beauty in Canada.

    The West: Like Central Canada, the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta feature an extraordinary mix of nature and ultra-urban delights. Calgary, in Alberta, is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.

    The North: Canada’s North—encompassing the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. You will find examples of pristine wilderness such as polar bears, walruses, seals, white wolves, snowy owls, and caribou.


    About four-fifths of Canadians live within 160 kilometres of the country’s southern border, where there are warm springs, hot summers, and pleasantly crisp autumns. Winter usually runs from November to March, but the exact dates and lowest temperatures will vary across the country. Canada’s climate is characterized by its diversity, both from region to region and from season to season.


    Canada has one of the world's most stable economies. Canada also boasts one of the fastest economic growth rates among the G8 countries. The OECD has recently predicted that Canada will lead G-7 growth in the next 50 years. Service industries provide thousands of different jobs and more than 75% of working Canadians now has jobs in service industries.


    Canada is among the leaders in providing quality education, and Canadian degree, diploma, or certificates are recognized all over the world. Each province also offers students the ability to student in English, in French, or in both.

    Canadian Colleges offer Lowest Tuition rates for International Students compared to any other English Speaking Country. Given the excellent reputation and high quality of education, education in Canada offers incredible value for money. There are many scholarships and opportunities for financial assistance available for international students.

    The cost of studying in Canada will depend heavily on the program, institution, and level of study. Approximate yearly cost of full-time tuition in Canada for international students (CAD):


    Fee Per Year

    Diploma, Graduate Certificates & Graduate Diplomas at Colleges

    CAD $ 9,000 – CAD $ 14,000 per year


    CAD $ 16,000 – CAD $ 21,000 per year


    CAD $ 18,000 – CAD $ 25,000 per year




    Canada is known for its laws allowing eligible students to work in Canada while studying and after graduation, and for providing opportunities for eligible graduates to attain permanent residence. Student permits will allow up to 20 hours per week during the academic session and full, time (40 hours per week) during breaks.

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